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Bell Urban Farm Flower CSA / For Conway Restaurants & Businesses

This CSA option is specifically for businesses and restaurants located inside the city limits of Conway, AR. We will deliver fresh flowers weekly to your business.

Wow your clients and customers each week with locally grown fresh flowers! All of our flowers are grown right here on our farm in Conway and are all certified naturally grown. If you ordered from us last year, please note that some of our options have changed. Read on for all the details!

How does it work?

Fresh flowers will be delivered weekly begining in June 2019. You must sign up for the whole season up front to guarantee your spot in the CSA. 

What are the bouquet size options?

We are offering two options this year for our flower deliveries:

1) Quart sized mason Jar bouquet - $20 per week (includes delivery)

This option is great for businesses that have a front desk reception area or check out counter that would like 1 large bouquet per week. These bouquets will contain 15-20 flower stems plus greenery in a quart sized glass mason jar. We will deliver a fresh bouquet to you each week and collect last weeks old bouquet. We re-use our jars, so be sure to save them for us week to week.

2) 1 gallon bucket of flowers - $20 per week (includes delivery)

Our 1 gallon bucket option is great for restaurants who just want a few flower stems per table. This option is different from last year in that your restaurant will need to provide your own bud vases for your tables. We will deliver the bucket of flowers to you each week and your staff will arrange the flowers on the tables. Please keep our buckets from week to week so we can be sure to re-use them! Each 1 gallon bucket will contain 25-30 stems plus greenery. 

What types of flowers will the bouquets contain?

The flowers each bouquet includes will vary with the season but can contain a mix of sunflowers, snapdragons, celosia, zinnias, bachelors buttons, amaranth, gomphrena, yarrow, ageratum, basil, cosmos, dianthus, gladiolus, lilies, ammi, marigolds and rudbeckia. Please check out some photos of last year's bouquets at the bottom of the page!

How long does the CSA last?

This year you have the option of choosing between a 3 month or 4 month season:

3 month CSA- 13 weeks of fresh flowers from June-August

4 Month CSA- 17 weeks of fresh flowers from June-September

What day are the flowers delivered?

For our 2019 season, we will only be offering deliveries on Wednesdays. We have other obligations on our farm during the other days of the week and are unable to offer alternate delivery days. Deliveries will be made each Wednesday between the hours of 10-1. Deliveries will begin on the first Wednesday in June (June 5th) and continue each wednesday until the end of August for the 3 month season or until the end of September for the 4 month season.

How much does it cost?

The cost for a 3 month CSA is $260 and the cost for a 4 month CSA is $340. These prices include delivery right to the door of your business.

How do I sign up? 

Easy! Just pay online HERE or if you are more comfortable paying by cash or check, please email us to let us know you want to sign up and then mail a check to our farm or just stop by to drop it off. All payments for the 2019 flower CSA must be made before June 1st 2019.

If paying by check, please make it out to Bell Urban Farm and mail it to 2001 Tyler St. Conway, AR 72032.

We have a limited number of CSA shares available, so please sign up today!

Make your bouquet last longer!

Fresh flowers love clean water and clean vases. To make your bouquet last even longer, we suggest checking the water level in your vases every couple of days and even pouring out the old water and replacing it with fresh clean water. You can trim the end of the flower stems a little to ensure they are able to drink up the new water. Dirt and bacteria are the enemy of fresh flowers (they clog up the stems), so be sure to clean your vases after each use. This is especially important for restaurants using their own vases! The cleaner your container and your water is, the longer your flowers will last! We don't use flower food in our water on the farm because it isn't an organic certified product, but it does help prolong the life of your flowers by a few days if you want to add it to your water. 

A note about the floral industry

A lot of attention is paid to the importance of local food but not as much about local flowers. We want to change that! The conventional flower industry is huge and quite toxic. Because flowers are not grown for human consumption there is little regulation on the usage of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Most of these flowers are grown in conditions that are unsafe for the environment and for the workers handling them. Most of the flowers available at grocery stores or florists are imported from South America. These flowers are shipped thousands of miles to get to you and use many gallons of fossil fuels!

Local flowers, grown by local farmers (especially organic or naturally grown) are the safer option. They are better for you, your family, the environment and your community! Choose to invest your money with local flower growers!

Thank you for choosing Bell Urban Farm! Don't hesitate to email us with any questions.

Sign up for the 2019 Flower CSA!

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