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Bell Urban Farm Flower CSA / for Conway Residents

This CSA option is open to anyone living in or near the Conway, AR area. You must be able to pick up your bouquet weekly at our farm in Conway. Read on for all the details!

*If you are a Conway restaurant or business owner, please check out our other Flower CSA option geared towards local businesses!

How does it work?

Our Flower CSA runs June 2019-August 2019 for a total of 13 weeks. You pick up your bouquet each week at our farm in Conway. Pickups are on Mondays from 3-7pm. Our farm is located at 2011 Tyler Street in Conway, Arkansas. We are located very close to the Faulkner Co. Library and Hendrix College. You will just pull up into the driveway of our farm and grab your bouquet off the table under the porch anytime between the pickup window of 3-7pm. This pickup is self serve and is made to be quick and easy. (See the map at the bottom of the page for additional information).

What size are the bouquets and what types of flowers will they have?

The size of the bouquets will vary week to week depending on what type of flowers they contain but will always have at least 15-20 flower stems plus an assortment of smaller filler flowers and greenery. These bouquets will be large enough to fill out a quart sized mason jar vase or can be divided up into 2-3 smaller bouquets for multiple rooms in your house.

The flowers each bouquet includes will vary with the season but can contain a mix of sunflowers, snapdragons, celosia, zinnias, bachelors buttons, amaranth, gomphrena, yarrow, ageratum, basil, cosmos, dianthus, gladiolus, lilies, marigolds and rudbeckia. Please check out some photos of last year's bouquets at the bottom of the page!

How much does it cost?

The cost for a 13 week flower CSA is $250. This gets you 3 whole months of fresh, beautiful, locally grown flowers for less than $20 per week! Our fresh flowers typically last a week or more so you really will get to enjoy them all week long!

Want to purchase a flower CSA, but need a more affordable option? Consider going in with a friend to purchase your CSA and take turns picking the flowers up each week! This is also handy for whenever someone is out of town-you will have a backup person to pick up for you!

What happens if I can't pick up one week?

We understand that on occasion you may not be able to pick up your bouquet. Whether you are on vacation or just have something come up, we get it! If you know you won't be able to pick up one week, we have a couple options for you:

-Send a family member or friend to pick up your bouquet for you. Chances are they will love it!

-If you are going to be out of town and don't want to send a friend, please send us an email at least one week in advance to let us know when you will be gone and for how long and we will hold your bouquets until you return.

We CAN NOT offer alternate pick up times. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but if you don't arrange to have your bouquet picked up during our Monday pickup up window, it will be donated.

Flower CSAs make wonderful gifts!

Flower CSAs make absolutely wonderful gifts. Who wouldn't want to receive a fresh bouquet of flowers each week? They are especially wonderful as a  Valentine's Day or Mother's Day gift! Please let us know if you are buying the CSA as a gift for someone and we can send you a lovely card explaining the gift. (We can send you a digital or paper card option). 

*Note that we do not offer a delivery option for this CSA, your gift recipient will need to be able to pick up their flowers weekly at our farm.

How do I sign up? 

Easy! Just pay online HERE or if you are more comfortable paying by cash or check, please email us to let us know you want to sign up and then mail a check to our farm or just stop by to drop it off. All payments for the 2019 flower CSA must be made before June 1st 2019.

If paying by check, please make it out to Bell Urban Farm and mail it to 2001 Tyler St. Conway, AR 72032.

We have a limited number of CSA shares available, so please sign up today!

Make your bouquet last longer!

Fresh flowers love clean water and clean vases. To make your bouquet last even longer, we suggest checking the water level in your vases every couple of days and even pouring out the old water and replacing it with fresh clean water. You can trim the end of the flower stems a little to ensure they are able to drink up the new water. Dirt and bacteria are the enemy of fresh flowers (they clog up the stems), so be sure to clean your vases after each use. This is especially important for restaurants using their own vases! The cleaner your container and your water is, the longer your flowers will last! We don't use flower food in our water on the farm because it isn't an organic certified product, but it does help prolong the life of your flowers by a few days if you want to add it to your water. 

A note about the floral industry

A lot of attention is paid to the importance of local food but not as much about local flowers. We want to change that! The conventional flower industry is huge and quite toxic. Because flowers are not grown for human consumption there is little regulation on the usage of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Most of these flowers are grown in conditions that are unsafe for the environment and for the workers handling them. Most of the flowers available at the florist or grocery store come from from South America. These flowers are shipped thousands of miles to get to you and use many gallons of fossil fuels!

Local flowers, grown by local farmers (especially organic or naturally grown) are the safer option. They are better for you, your family, the environment and your community! Choose to invest your money with local flower growers! 

Thank you for choosing Bell Urban Farm! Don't hesitate to email us with any questions!

Sign up for the 2019 Flower CSA!

Bell Urban Farm Location

Our Farm is located on Tyler Street in Conway. We are very close to the Faulkner County Library. Your bouquets will be set out for pickup between the times of 3-7pm every Monday (June-August). Pull up into the driveway and grab your bouquet off the self serve table under the porch of 2011 Tyler Street. 

**Please be aware that traffic can get very busy on Tyler Street in the afternoon. To make exiting the farm super easy, just pull around to the right of the 2011 farmhouse and take the loop all the way behind the farm property and exit to the left of our 2001 farmhouse. This will make pickup a snap! (Plus you will get to take a driving tour of our farm each week to see what we have in bloom).

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