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We offer fresh eggs by the dozen from our small flock of free range hens. We feed our girls a mix of organic (GMO free) layer feed and organic scratch grains. They spend all day outside foraging for extra bugs and greens. These are healthy, happy hens and you can see it reflected in the quality of the eggs they produce. The bright orange yolks have more flavor and nutrition than your traditional grocery store egg. Studies show that free range, pastured eggs are higher in vitamins E, A and D, they have more beta carotene, more omega 3 fatty acids, less cholesterol and less saturated fat than conventional eggs. 

We like to call our eggs "Rainbow Dozens" because each carton contains a variety of different colors, shapes and sizes. We have many different breeds of chickens and each one lays a different color egg!

Due to the small size of our flock, we can only offer a limited quantity of eggs per week. Please check the "Our Markets" button on the home page to see when and where you can purchase our eggs! We sell our eggs for $6 per dozen and they are certified naturally grown.

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